ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair is about industry, business and science | 30.05-02.06.2023 Poznań, Poland

Come to Poznań for the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair which is held in Poznan (Poland) from 30.05-02.06.2023.

This event is a unique opportunity to present your offer to an international audience, exchange valuable experience and hold meetings with business partners from all over the world.

Foreign companies account for nearly 50% of the exhibitors at ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE. Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Holland, India, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy – these are just some of the countries represented at the Poznań fair. No wonder that the largest industrial fair in our country is becoming more and more frequently referred to as one of the most important industry events in Europe.

The aim of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE is to demonstrate and promote industrial achievements on a global scale. Thus, it gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to take a step into the future, which is incomparable to any other event in Poland. The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair is an example of an excellent combination of industry, business and science. It is attended by nearly 1000 exhibitors who present innovative machines and solutions for such industries as plastic metalworking, metallurgy, welding, surface treatment, varnishing, automotive, transport, railways. Poznań is also a venue for the presentation of the achievements of engineers, design teams and scientific bodies; innovations and the most modern solutions, delivered to the industry, enabling the increase of equipment efficiency, optimization of production plants and increasing the market attractiveness and competitiveness of companies. The ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair is an important point on the way to becoming a company of the future.

The scope of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair includes 5 thematic showrooms: Mach-Tool (machines and tools), Surfex (surface treatment), Metalforum (metallurgy, foundry, metal industry), Welding, Research for Industry (scientific achievements of research institutes). Along with the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair, there are also Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and StorageIndustrial Subcontracting Exhibition and Subcontracting ITM Meetings.

Industry, business and science on an international scale

The  ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair is about industry, business and science; it is a world-class factory of tomorrow. Industry – impressive powerful machines, innovative technologies and solutions, the use of which allows us to stand out from the competition. Business – international contacts, talks bringing measurable results, contracts and seeking opportunities for cooperation, and thus development. Science – achievements of engineers and project teams, thanks to which companies increase their market competitiveness and optimize production processes.

What matters at the ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair is innovations that support the development of companies, technologies that are the future of the industry, as well as machines that are an example of the implementation of state-of-the-art solutions for the industry.

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