WHO can attend



The Hosted Buyers Programme is designated for representatives  of an entrepreneur from the heavy industry, i.e. processing metals and iron, iron castings, hard rubber and plastics: short-, medium- and large-scale producers; craft; service companies; design and construction offices, research laboratories and engineers of all specialties employed in all branches of industry

Position / function in the enterprise: - management (president / director, owner; production director, quality director, research and development director, production project manager, chief technologist), - research and development specialist, chief constructor, designer, technologist, conservator, - quality control specialist, - maintenance: main energy engineer, main automation engineer, main mechanic, maintenance manager, maintenance specialist, - purchasing department manager, - qualified technical workers (type: welder, CNC operator, automatic)

Engineers of all specialties employed in all industries.

Representatives of the following industries:

Shipbuilding: construction and repair of ships, yachts, boats, sailboats; equipment, components and accessories for ships, yachts, boats, sailboats

Aerospace Industry: engines; aircraft construction and repair; aircraft equipment, components and accessories

Automotive industry: production of semi-trailers and trailers; tools; car assemblies and components (luggage racks, hooks, shock absorbers, springs, mufflers, exhaust systems, body and chassis components, license plates, tuning, etc.); accessories and spare parts; automotive compressors and dies; car scrapping

Machine industry:

  • manufacturers of construction machinery and equipment, earthmoving machinery and equipment, excavators, loaders, transport carts, wheelbarrows, equipment and spare parts for machines
  • producers of agricultural machinery and equipment, machines and equipment for vegetable growing and horticulture, machines and equipment used in animal production
  • producers of machines for the food industry (meat, fish, egg-poultry, dairy, milling, bakery, confectionery, sugar, fruit and vegetable)
  • woodworking machines
  • packaging, labeling and packaging machines
  • machinery and equipment for the textile and footwear industry
  • machinery and equipment related to environmental protection (e.g. in the field of water and air purification and protection, noise suppression), waste recycling, vehicles as well as municipal devices and equipment

Electrical installation industry: manufacturers of machinery, equipment and electrical apparatus; manufacturers of electric motors, generators and transformers; manufacturers of insulated wires and wires; lighting equipment manufacturers

Security Industry

Medical equipment: orthopedics - denture manufacturers, dentistry (implants) and prosthodontics, production of medical tools (surgical, dental), production of medical furniture (beds, operating tables, cabinets)

Household appliances production

Power engineering: generation, distribution and transmission equipment for electricity and heat, boilers, turbines, generators for power plants and combined heat and power plants; power equipment; electric machines and devices (engines, generators); repair departments; energy industry service facilities (assembly, service of devices)

Armaments industry: classic weaponry (weapons, ammunition); armored equipment; aviation and armaments and air defense equipment

Service plants: sheet metal processing (e.g. bending, punching, cutting and laser engraving); mechanical works

Metal industry:

  • producers of steel and aluminum constructions
  • manufacturers of facade panels
  • producers of steel, metal, aluminum and non-ferrous metal products
  • foundries, forges

Railway applications: rail vehicles; railway components and equipment; rolling stock repair plants; railway services

Metallurgy industry: metallurgical machines and equipment; glass works with tool rooms

Heating and heating industry

Paint shops, galvanizing plants, galvanizing plants

Science: science laboratories, polytechnics and universities - technical faculties

Manufacturers of transport equipment:

  • handling equipment: forklifts, cranes, conveyors, lifting and hoisting equipment and their components
  • manufacturers of motor vehicles, bodies, trailers and semi-trailers

Mining industry