WHO can attend


If you represent:

food industry; chemical industry (manufacturers of washing and cleaning preparation, cosmetic and toilet products); pharmaceutical industry; packaging industry (manufacturers of packaging and packing machines);logistics (shipping, transportation and warehouse companies, representatives of logistic companies of all industry branches); printing industry (printing plants and printing houses); automotive industry (manufacturers and distributors of spare parts, accessories, automotive chemicals); advertising industry (advertising agencies that design packaging); wholesalers, chain stores, you may be eligible to attend as a Hosted Buyer.

Taropak Hosted Buyers are the highest level buyers and decision makers from across the world.

They are recognized as professionals who work as, e.g.:

  • Owner of the company
  • Representative of the board
  • Purchase director
  • Senior level Purchase Specialist.
  • Merchant


To be considered for the Hosted Buyers Programme, you need to submit your registration online.
You can do it right now!


All approved Hosted Buyers will receive a confirmation email  with Hosted Buyers Application Form and Hosted Buyers Programme Terms and Conditions